Wednesday, November 25, 2009

off to uk!

OKAY MY DEAR READERS, if i have any :/

off to uk in a few hours :D
shall see you soon!


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Good luck!


good luck to all spm candidates of 2009!
its only a month, you guys will survive.
remember that the form 4's of sri sentosa had to go through a month of finals and we're still alive :D
i am so lame, ignore me LOL

p/s: when you feel like you're going to breakdown, think of.. uhm UNICORNS :D


Thursday, November 12, 2009


you like big butts and you cannot lie. you other brothers can't deny.
and of course, we love the bunnies too :D

and finally, finals are over.
it hit me just before the last paper that this will be my last finals i will ever sit for.
form 5 begins in less than two months, spm is in a year. oh my god.
results so far are okaaay. nothing too bad :D but i'm still praying of course.
i'm dying to play badminton right now. and i might be joining charm, as i've said before.
off to uk in about two weeks and i hope it snows there.

to the hippos, sleepover?
to the bff's, movie marathon?
to anyone, shopping?
TO WARRIORZ, CHEER JAM?! [i don't even think i can go :/]

bad news for the hols: have to go to school at least 2 days to be on duty for this year's spm. le sigh. this is why sometimes life as a prefect sucks.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Hippos @ AAR Concert.

the concert was AWESOME.
i still feel bad for pulling chng to the back :(
but it was still awesome standing at the back where there is more space to jump and actually air to breathe LOL
can't wait for finals to be over :D two more papers.

p/s: so much for being my best friends right?