Friday, May 23, 2008

David A, I LOVE YOU!

You're the only one that can make me giggle stupidly in a staring game.

Random picture post because I am too lazy to explain what has been happening these past few days.
And also because I forgot (Lol-ness)

I've been staying back these past four days of school, it wasn't like the awful kinda stayback lah.
Kinda boring but its better than going home and doing nothing except getting fat kan?
So peekchers!

Scouts bulding project thinggy.
It doesn't look stable, and yet it is.
See those two guys up there?

Pretty flowers on the table.

Pretty flowers in my hair.

Those are the flowers we were selling for Interact.
RM1.50 for one flower :D
I bought one!
& being my stupid self, I totally forgot to take it when I left the stall earlier -.-"

Guess what, we took the table anyway xD

Doing star bottles.
Jonathan laughing like mad person on the sidelines.

Our dear Vice President, Jonathan.

Funky hair ;]

Saw this in tuition.
I think most of you read Michx's blog right?
Anyway, if you don't, these were the cards we were selling for Interact and Michx managed to make all 98 of them.
Well, with a little help of course xD
And they sold out the fastest, even BEFORE Teachers' Day.
Heck, people were still ordering them!

Was Teacher's Day today.
Had fun going around trying to make people buy stuff.

It was also Puan Zaiton's (Zaitun?) retirement.
So at the end of the day there was this kinda procession thing but it kinda failed cos the school's band was playing and everyone gathered in the hall so fast as though it was a real concert.
And then everyone went back to the main road.
By the time the car passed (obviously Puan Zaiton was inside) each part of the road, everyone would run back to the hall. LOL

After the "concert".
I can see Ka-Shing playing the guitar xD

Marcus looks like he's gonna fall asleep. :/
Michx says I got big eyes in this picture! *claps*

Meg and me being stupid on the webcam.
Do not ask me why I'm green.
Stupid webbie. RARRR!


American Idol Finale.

Our two finalists.
Kudos to me for getting really nice picture xD

And guess who won?

This guy!
(Sorry to my readers from America. Yes, I DO have readers from America. They're there everytime I check my Nuffnang.)

Someone else could've won, and that someone was like a friggin angel for heaven's sake.

David Archuleta should have won.
Screw you.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hating it

Screw it.
I hate feeling this way, is so damn depressing.
Its so stupid, I don't even know why I'm feeling like this.

This is what you get when you mess with your feelings.


Monday, May 19, 2008

The Bakery Patrol!

Ayam borhd.
So, ai deesaided to berlog.
And seence ai have nahting to berlog erbaut, ai shall berlog erbaut the niu "cult" ai have joyeened.

Lawl, I am so lifeless.
Megan infected me with that language.
So yeah, this new cult other than the Hippos.
Consisting of three people.

Number One

Alicia, the super gorgeous muffin.

Number Two

Lydia, the supersmexy cuppycake.
(Not self-proclaimed, Alicia came up with it)

Number Three

Megan, the fantabulous banana muffin.

Notice how I'm the only one that not really a muffin? Lol.

And together, we make up..

<3 ftw much.

Useless post. Sue me ;]

This boy is amazing!
Go to his channel to watch more :D
Credits to Michx for the video

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Fraser's Hill

My heart skipped a beat when you smiled at me.

18th May

Happy birthday to Rachel!

Random picture of the day:

Mr. Liew's illustration of someone combing their hair. LAWL

Went to Fraser's Hill today with the family just for the fun of it.

My smexy new limegreen sweater! *does the eyebrow thing*

Left the house around 12PM.
Travelled for about 3 hours.

Big, giant dam.

Family picture.
Lol, look at my dad xD

Doesn't this just scream cuteness?!


& poser.
Notice my amazingly huge ugly eyebags. Gahhh

When we reached the gate, the gate was closed cos like even hours were for outgoing traffic and odd hours for incoming traffic.
So we had to wait one hour down there.

The other cars waiting and this was only the line in front of us.

So, I stuffed myself with chips while waiting.
Thank God I have high metabolism or I'd be obese.
But I'm still fat.

Walked down the road to a small hut to have lunch.
And the place we were at had no service which didn't help cos I was messaging Alicia.
So walked up the road again and stoned while trying to message her.


& finally the gates opened.

Welcome to Fraser's Hill (:

Went exploring up there.
First place we went to was the waterfall.

Can you see it?

Oh, pretty!

Uhm, don't really remember what we did after that (getting old, wtf)

Pretty pine trees, unedited.

Stopped at another hut along the road in Fraser's Hill itself to like.. uhm lepak? LOL

Golf course.


Lydz & Justin.

In the car.

Byebye Fraser's Hill.

-The End-

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Freaking fifth time

WTF, got tagged for the fifth time on the same thing -.-


1. Put your music player on shuffle.
2. Press forward for each question.
3. Use the song title as the answer. Even though it doesn’t make sense. NO CHEATING!!!
4. Tag 5 people.
5. Bold the questions. And with the answers, give your own comments on how it relates to the question

How are you feeling today?
Love Song - Sarah Bareilles

Will you get far in life?
Hate (I really don't like you) - Plain White T's
This is not making any sense at all

How do your friends see you?
Fergalicious - Fergie feat. Will.I.Am

Will you get married?
My alien - Simple Plan
Maybe to an alien :/

What is your best friend's theme song?
4 in the morning - Gwen Stefani

What is the story of your life?
Shut up - Simple Plan
Hell no, I talk too much xD

What is high school like?
Last Christmas - Ashley Tisdale
Haha, wtf.

How can you get ahead in life?
Misery Business - Paramore
By being miserable -___________-

What is the best thing about your friends?
Sorry, blame it on me - Akon
That would be a miracle seeing as we always blame other people HAHA

What is in store for this weekend?
So Close - Jon McLaughlin
Omg, romantic-nyer!

How is your life going?
Dance, dance - Fall-out Boy
*does the hippo dance*

What song will they play at your funeral?
When I'm gona - Simple Plan
You're gonna miss me when I'm gone *sings off key*

Will you have a happy life?
Summer loving - Cast of Grease
I take that as a yes LAWL

What do your friends really think of you?
You don't mean anything - Simple Plan

Do people secretly lust after you?
Right where you want me - Jesse McCartney
Is that a yes? :/

How can I make myself happy?
Everday - Cast of High School Musical 2

What should you do with your life?
Pictures to burn - Taylor Swift
I should burn pictures, yeah.

Will you ever have children?
Don't tell me - Avril Lavigne
I want children, LOL. So don't tell me no.

I tag whoever.

Friday, May 16, 2008

A week worth of pictures

Yo people!
Its been a week since I've updated my blog.
Been busy with exams, settling everything for cheer (Yes, I'm forming my own squad :D) and even breaking down in school for stupid reasons due to all the stress.
Now, I need to lose weight because I tend to eat more when I get stressed. Which is so totally bogus.

I really can't remember much about the past week so I'll just post up some pictures and a few short lines. Capish?

Random shot of the week:

Saw this in the newspaper.

8th May

Happy birthday Noelle!

10th May

Happy birthday Mummy!

And I cut my fringe as well like some time ago.
Not much difference, just a lil shorter.

See the difference?
Michx cut it for me (:

& after that one picture, I started posing like crazy.

Kissy face.

Retarded monkey.

Trying to be innocent *cough*

Then, we were going out for dinner.

Supposed to wear this but ended up wearing something else.

Ate at the Coliseum (sp?)

Mummy posing with the menu :D

11th May


Happy birthday to Pui San!

& happy birthday to Denny
My cousin who is currently in Australia and I don't think he will read this but whatever. Lol

Went out for lunch with my dad's side of the family.
& went to my Godparent's new house after lunch which is currently under renovation.


Bro on a pile of rock.

Trisha & I.

Rianne & I.
I was eating Choki-choki.
You know, that chocolate paste thing. Starting to get obsessed with it :/

Posing at the soon to be really cool windows.

Went to Subang Parade after that.
Got only one picture.

Evolution :D

Went for dinner at Sentul Temple.
(Yes, yes. I am a Christian but most of my family members are Buddhists so yeah lah)

Sky had such a pretty colour on the way there.

Then, started camwhoring with my bro.

Stoner and fish.

Oh, Lala land.

Ze temple.

Niumal discovered a new way for eating cake which did not make it easier, just more difficult.

Also had performances all through dinner.

The classic must have High School Musical.

Some kiddy dance.

Band from Malacca.

This little girl was awesome!

Let's play "Spot Winnie the Pooh" (Haha, Winne the Shit xD)

12th May


Didn't take much pictures on this day.
Just some random shots at Italiannies where I had dinner.

Plate, olive oil, salt & pepper, daddy's water and mumm's iced lemon tea.

Pretty paintings (:

13th May

Happy birthday to Nihal!

I doubt you'll read this as well. LOL
(I know I used the same picture for Denny's wish.)

Had a sleepover at Kate's place to celebrate freedom from exams.
& had a Bring It On Marathon too.

My little darlings. LOL
I know I'm crazy, sue me.

Kate's angry and my crazy "spirit fingers"

Happy Michx, crazy Kate, no-mood Lydz.

Random shot while watching Bring It On #1.

Kate going high.

Everyone fell asleep halfway through Bring It On Again which was around 2AM.
Woke up at 5.40AM just to go to school. Oh the suckyness.

Rachel went back to sleep. LOL

Putting on my against-the-school-rules-ankle-socks.

Don't we just scream random?

14th May

Happy birthday to Bernie!

Well, I guess I am done.
Shall update more soon.