Monday, July 28, 2008

Exhibition Day

Exhibition Day was yesterday so.. time to blog about it.

Saturday, 26th July, PREPARATION DAY

Rab (short for Rabhindran *cough*rubmyass*cough*) in a dress, LOL!

Went up to SU to check out what they were doing.

Charity painting the cross.

& freaky hand thing. LOL

Check out what I saw on the way back to the Interact room.

Cleanliness is next to godliness, no?

While everyone was busy painting, cutting and all that.
I was busy teaching four people how to dance the Paso Doble!

Karr Man and Jing Qi.

Kate-Lyn and Rachel.

Putting up notes.

Working on the clock tower.

Sunday night had a sleepover at Michx's place for last minute stuff (cooking and making drinks)

This is so obscene.
Shall post up video later (:

Kate cutting potatoes.
Mengganas giler.

We slept at 2AM and woke up at 4AM.
I felt like I didn't sleep at all.
Kate and Rachel went to the mamak to get our breakfast etc etc.
Got ready and left the house by 5AM.

What the room looked like when we reached.
We did not have electricity until 6.30AM so we had to do work in the canteen.

Watching the "sex movie".
Well, "sex movie" according to Francis, LOL.
Wanna see what it really is?

Nah, its actually teaching Spanish in a song.
That's why its all random sentences.

Was going in and out of the class to watch some performances that were happening.

Amir shuffling.

Around 9AM, everyone started walking around.


Ka-Shing's idea of a sex toy.

Biggest hit of the day.
Euro 2008 @ PS2.
Everyone was crowding around it.

Kadet Bomba's fire show.

By the time they put the fire out, the damn thing was already going to burn itself out.
Everyone in there would have died and gone to heaven.

Rab, our bartender for the day.

Candid shot.

Ka Hing, our computer person for the day.
Basically, he was in charge of the music.

Exploration Club did a ghost house, AGAIN!
Well, they do it every year.
So these people were going around kinda "promoting" it lah.
I know the girl is Zheng Yi xD

Pn. Wong (my KH teacher), Kate and Rachel.

Our welcoming committee.

Everyone so jakun around the police car.

Fooling around with the castanets.

Trying to be rockstars.
And failing miserably xD

Entertaining Ka-Shing's cousins.

Arul, Karr Man, Ka Shing's cousin, Ka-Shing, Ka-Shing's cousin, Jing Qi and Kate.

Our very own proffessor, He Fa!

Was stuck in the Interact room the whole day waiting for the Rotarians.
But they didn't turn up.
Started walking around.
Went up to SU to see how they were doing.
Their theme for this year is "Heaven & Hell"



Jo Lynn and Joshua, sales people!

Meet Boon Jhoe.
He's playing with a rubics cube.
He eventually solved it LOL

With Charity the devil.

When I saw this (Kelab Pencegahan Jenayah), I almost screamed.

Macho macho Kate.

Cing, Marcus, Rab, Lydz, Karr Man, Michx.

Rab was like most popular person to take picture with the whole day!

Rab & Karr Man.

Rab & Cing.

Rab & Esther.

Lydz & Marcus.
Gosh, do I look fugly.

With Ka-Shing.


Being retarded.

Michx & Lydz.

I love clock towers xD

Marcus & Michelle Lok.

Gary won the Euro 2008 @ PS2.
So he got the jersey.
And I keep bugging him for it.

Started to pack up around 12.45PM.

Bin bag people!

Ka-Shing's cute little teddy bear which everyone tried to steal.

The teddy bear got stripped! :O