Friday, April 22, 2011


this is a tad late.
despite the leeches, the dragging our asses across a muddy field, the cold showers, the hard floors we had to sleep on, the bugs, the rashes on our bums and thighs..
orientation camp was pretty damn awesome.
i definitely want to go back as a facilitator for the july intake camp. and next year's january intake camp. and the next march intake's camp lololol.
gotta love mckl (:

photo credits: jiawen

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


  • It's been good but a tad boring because of the long breaks but it's still fun
  • Lectures so far are okay
  • Don't wanna say anything about lecturers cos my psych lecturer can find my blog. But don't worry, nothing bad :P
  • If i thought memorizing history was bad, memorizing law is a nightmare. Thank god i like the subject.
  • I would've probably died in literature if it weren't for the fact that i love to read
  • Psych.. well, i've always been interested in psych so yeah
  • I LOVE the campus. It's so pretty
  • Everyone's still a little awkward but we're slowly moving out of our own cliques
  • Hanging out with my friends from Jan intake is hilarious eventho i'm now classified as crazy stalker girl
  • It is tiring. Very. Tiring. I crash early every night now and it's only been a week and a half
  • But yay, college! :3