Thursday, July 23, 2009

I'll live :)

Okay, I think you have to wait a really long time for my Cheer09 post LOL
I'm so lazy to go through all the picture T_T
And its not as if you haven't seen them on Facebook!

Anyway, the brother is back from Bristol.
Which I am sure most of you know.
I can't remember whether I already blogged about it and I'm too lazy to check.
Sue me :)

Like brother, like sister.
Yes, I still have Mun Jack's Jacket ==

My kiut kiut fingers everyone likes to play with :D

We hang stuff on it, seriously.

Sleeping Beauty *cough*

And Daddy Dearest.


not going to finish that sentence LOL

Went out for dinner with the Chngs to bring Megan's birthday!

Magenta Hippo.

Burgundy Hippo.

Aunty Karen and Uncle Mike.
His face looks classic!

Chilling at Pappa Rich.

The bandage ruins everything LOL

Our Milo Dinosaur *hearts*

Ice-cream cake!

Life is.. okay, I guess.
I'll live :)

p/s: I'll TRY to get the pictures from Cheer up soo but I have a layout to do for the school magazine so be chilling aights.


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Exhibition Day

Pictures from our performance during Exhibition Day :D
And I'm too lazy to edit pictures from Cheer09! So shh.

Waiting for the performances to start.

Getting ready.
That was the wtf moment of the day.
We were supposed to be the fifth performance, but we ended up being third.
And they announced us.. while we were warming up *headdesk*

Hui Shin's upskirt :O

I love Kian Yee's smile. Don't you?
The one right in the center.

Stunt sequence!

Byebye Carynn LOL

I don't know why they did lib ext.
I thought it was supposed to be extension je LOL

The best newcomer ** IS HERE!

Per Li has awesome facials lah LOL

Don't ask me why the pictures are cropped *cough*

Warriorz #1! Whee.
Check out Carynn's skirt xD

Francis wanna be pimp.

Group picture with the teachers.


Finally <3

- For that one moment, the world seemed right. And then everything fell apart at the seams.


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Cheer <3

Not even 72 hours and I'm already missing everything.
Let's kick some butts next year!

<3 Warriorz. Stompers. Vivacious. Falcons.

p/s: Pictures will be up soon. When I'm not so exhausted and when I'm done catching up on one month worth of sleep