Sunday, February 21, 2010

to infinity and beyond!

the almighty egg of team blue waffle that now resides in izwan's stomach.
(and soon, his toilet bowl HAHA)
photographer: izwan zahari

back to school tomorrow, ugh.
haven't finished my homework yet LOL
this week was full with stuff and i was exhausted most of the time.
most epic moment = sitting in silence with meganbb while doing our own stuff.
yeah, still can't believe there's school tomorrow.

buzz lightyear backpacks and bright yellow winter jackets =


so, i ALMOST celebrated international skip school day, in my last year of schooling, today. damn it.
i hardly got any sleep last night, woke up with a headache and still went to school ==
but there was an education fair and some colleges and unis were there, twas fun :D
but now i'm confused :/
i've always wanted to do psychology and/or psychiatry and recently, i've been thinking of doing law.
i want to do so many things T_T


it feels like someone up there is working on ways on making me annoyed.
within a span of 10 minutes, i got really, really, really irritated.
and i'm still irritated.
history class at 7.30 in the morning tomorrow and it's almost 1am now and i'm still doing history homework and we have a quiz tomorrow and i haven't studied shit.
i wish everyone would just shut up and leave me alone right now.


basing with another guy is fun.
having that same guy fall on you while you're spotting.. not so fun.


vi's treasure hunt = loads of ridiculous shitty clues + pain + awesomeness.

and here was where we needed to go:
from vi to bukit jalil to masjid jamek to dataran merdeka to pasar seni to petaling street back to pasar seni back to masjid jamek back to dataran merdeka to klcc to walking the whole damn park to pavillion to times square back to pavillion and back to vi.

we walked 3/4 of the way which basically means we walked almost 4 hours.
and thousands of stairs.
i walk like a duck right now == and most of my body hurts.
but twas good fun :D

back to school tomorrow *wail*


Saturday, February 20, 2010

blue waffle anyone?

google blue waffle, i dare you.
if you do, click on the first link.

the blue waffle revolution 2010.
lydia wong, megan chng, alia astaman, izwan zahari, justin wong, michelle hor.

Monday, February 15, 2010

happy cny!

happy chinese new year to everyone!
may your year be filled with wealth, prosperity and whatever else that is good :D

Saturday, February 13, 2010

awesome sauce

all it takes is a little determination to win.

sunday evening and i'm climbing up mount homework right now.
history, add maths, literature and karangan to finish up by tonight.
god, i seriously hate form 5.
it's even depriving me of my azn purdy boiz.


just had tug of war in school and it's the first time since school started i've actually felt exhausted.
but it was absolutely awesome.
we beat red house for the first time in quite awhile and we're competing for first place on thursday :D
but despite all that fun, my arms feel like dropping off and my left foot hurts.
and i have homework *groans*


my foot hurts. really, really badly.
i can't walk properly. i'm limping.
and my arms were so tired earlier, i couldn't even write straight.
this is what happens when i over-exert myself after a really long time.


i think this is the first time i've updated so much within a week LOL
god, my body aches all over.
i miss having muscle aches. it's like having an old friend come back to you.
bad part of this is, i can't walk properly. fml.
no homework tonight :D but i am friggin exhausted.


for the first time on a thursday night, i am not doing homework :D
awesome. and i'm not going to school tomorrow :D
but i lost my voice screaming at kate to pull the damn rope so we could win tug of war.
but the tug of war finals today was full of bullshit ==
so there might be a rematch, i dunno :/ (AN: there IS a rematch)

p/s: losing your voice is bullshit, not sexy. whoever said losing your voice is sexy needs to be smacked. really hard.


just got back from alison's wedding.
it was awesome sauce :D
feet hurt from dancing like a mad woman and i think this will result in blisters in the morning.
and i lost my voice, for the second (or third) time this week due to SINGING like a mad woman.
life is good right now.

happy chinese new year, everyone!


Saturday, February 6, 2010


because sometimes all it takes is a little happiness to help get you through.

just saw a guy who looked exactly like nino from the nose up.
don't know about the rest of this face because he was wearing a mask.
i wanted to squeal but couldn't. because you know, he would've thought i was crazy.
i can't believe it's already february. ten more months till we're out of high school!
i hope seeing the nino look alike is a sign that the rest of the week will be awesome.


still monday night. school tomorrow, bleagh.
i have a headache and i feel like puking, maybe i WON'T go to school :/
i haven't finished my add maths work (only because i wasn't in class and i don't know how to do it) and the model karangan for bm.
ten more months, ten more months, ten more months *chants to self*


apparently the nino look alike wasn't a good sign.
he was just a guy that looked like nino, from nose up :/
life, waylt?
i must have stepped on one too many ants to deserve this chicken shit.


piled up with homework on thursday night, again.
add maths, history, literature and all due tomorrow, as usual.
this is gonna be a routine from now on.
2010, you seriously need to slow down and gives us all time to catch up because you're getting on my nerves.

big big love to the burgundy hippo, the turqoise hippo, the best friend and the other half and whoever else.
you people keep me sane :) ilubugaiz.


it's saturday.
idek what to say about this week :/
made changes to the layout because of some nonsensical bullshit.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

i am not the one who told.
don't accuse me of being a tattletale when i'm not.
i didn't even want to bring this up.
get your facts straight before you tell somebody they're wrong.


for the love of jesus christ, i wasn't the one.
believe what you want to believe but you should really find out more before accusing someone of something they didn't even do and end up humiliating yourselves.
p/s: i never asked for the post back, i don't even want it.

and of course, thanks to whoever that's standing up for me, i love you guys.
(Chngae, Alia, Michelle, dude from hartamas that i don't even know lmao i owe you guys big time )