Thursday, February 19, 2009

Whee, NOT!

Omg, such a busy busy week MEH
Staying back everyday, walking back everyday wtfz.
I wanna lose at least 2kg this week, I SHOULD lose 2kgs this week LOL

Here's my schedule:
Monday- School till 1.10PM. Lunch. Paint & decorate class while doing kerja amal for Moral. Walk back. Bathe. Dinner. HOMEWORK!!!!
Tuesday- School till 1.10PM. Lunch. Alternate between painting the class, yellow house practice and helping out yellow house cheer for Sports Day. Walk back etc etc etc.
Wednesday- School till 1.10PM. Lunch. Cheer 2-4.30PM (cut practice short cos exams are near). Walk back to Michelle's house LOL I DIDN'T BRING KEYS! Bathe etc etc etc
Thursday- School till 1.10 PM. Lunch. Cheer 2-4.30PM. Walk back to Michelle's house again LOL Bathe etc etc etc (I DIDN'T FINISH CHEMISTRY HOMEOWORK OMG I TOTALLY FORGOT)
Friday- School till 12.40PM. Lunch. Prefects exam 1-2PM. Physics tuition 2-3.30PM... with a form 6 student HAHAHAHAHA

Le sigh, school is getting extremely hectic and its only February.
How the heck am I going to cope when mid term exams come and Cheer 09 in July?
Oh well, BEEEEEP!
Inside joke LOL