Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Too much

I can't take it anymore.
I love being captain of my team. (I AM NOT POWER HUNGRY DAMN IT)
But I've got too much to deal with.
Yes, I know you guys have financial problems.
I have talked to the coaches about it, but I'm sorry I can't do anything.
I have to settle the uniforms, the supporter shirts, the banners and props, the sponsorships.
And on top of that, there's still the Pesta Ria.
Its not as easy as it looks.
As it is, I'm an exco for Rakan Muda.
I'm trying my hardest not to get kicked out of Interact. I also have my loyalties to Scripture Union.
Plus, being in science stream is not the easiest thing ever.
And even after Cheer 09, I will not be free.
Exhibition day: Performance + Interact exhibition + SU exhibition + Rakan Muda exhibition.
After that, I still have to continue doing work for Rakan Muda.
I'm trying my best to help.
I'm short of one person to go for competition. You know what Kheen Ho said.
Really, I'm sorry I can't do much.
But I AM trying my hardest, just give me time.

I really am sorry that whatever I'm doing is not enough.

p/s: Hugs, anyone?

Wishlist for muh birthday!

1. Telephoto lens
2. Portrait lens
3. Nike shoes (The while & gold ones, or the cheer shoes)
4. New phone (Something like the LG KS360, but not the LG KS360)
5. Coloured contacts
6. Fedora hat
8. Denim shorts
9. New hoodie (Jacket or shirt, I don’t care.)
10. Stuff from Body Shop
- Strawberry scented stuff
- Rougeberry perfume
- White musk scented stuff
11. Books
- Twilight (Original cover. Mine is all bleagh already xD)
- Little Black Dress Series
- Empress Orchid
- Man and Boy
- Pretty Little Liars: Unbelievable
- Pride & Prejudice
12. Ice-skating damn it SOMEONE TAKE ME
13. Gummy bears and candy canes!
14. Red stuff, WHEE!

Okay yeah, LOL.