Saturday, February 13, 2010

awesome sauce

all it takes is a little determination to win.

sunday evening and i'm climbing up mount homework right now.
history, add maths, literature and karangan to finish up by tonight.
god, i seriously hate form 5.
it's even depriving me of my azn purdy boiz.


just had tug of war in school and it's the first time since school started i've actually felt exhausted.
but it was absolutely awesome.
we beat red house for the first time in quite awhile and we're competing for first place on thursday :D
but despite all that fun, my arms feel like dropping off and my left foot hurts.
and i have homework *groans*


my foot hurts. really, really badly.
i can't walk properly. i'm limping.
and my arms were so tired earlier, i couldn't even write straight.
this is what happens when i over-exert myself after a really long time.


i think this is the first time i've updated so much within a week LOL
god, my body aches all over.
i miss having muscle aches. it's like having an old friend come back to you.
bad part of this is, i can't walk properly. fml.
no homework tonight :D but i am friggin exhausted.


for the first time on a thursday night, i am not doing homework :D
awesome. and i'm not going to school tomorrow :D
but i lost my voice screaming at kate to pull the damn rope so we could win tug of war.
but the tug of war finals today was full of bullshit ==
so there might be a rematch, i dunno :/ (AN: there IS a rematch)

p/s: losing your voice is bullshit, not sexy. whoever said losing your voice is sexy needs to be smacked. really hard.


just got back from alison's wedding.
it was awesome sauce :D
feet hurt from dancing like a mad woman and i think this will result in blisters in the morning.
and i lost my voice, for the second (or third) time this week due to SINGING like a mad woman.
life is good right now.

happy chinese new year, everyone!