Saturday, February 6, 2010


because sometimes all it takes is a little happiness to help get you through.

just saw a guy who looked exactly like nino from the nose up.
don't know about the rest of this face because he was wearing a mask.
i wanted to squeal but couldn't. because you know, he would've thought i was crazy.
i can't believe it's already february. ten more months till we're out of high school!
i hope seeing the nino look alike is a sign that the rest of the week will be awesome.


still monday night. school tomorrow, bleagh.
i have a headache and i feel like puking, maybe i WON'T go to school :/
i haven't finished my add maths work (only because i wasn't in class and i don't know how to do it) and the model karangan for bm.
ten more months, ten more months, ten more months *chants to self*


apparently the nino look alike wasn't a good sign.
he was just a guy that looked like nino, from nose up :/
life, waylt?
i must have stepped on one too many ants to deserve this chicken shit.


piled up with homework on thursday night, again.
add maths, history, literature and all due tomorrow, as usual.
this is gonna be a routine from now on.
2010, you seriously need to slow down and gives us all time to catch up because you're getting on my nerves.

big big love to the burgundy hippo, the turqoise hippo, the best friend and the other half and whoever else.
you people keep me sane :) ilubugaiz.


it's saturday.
idek what to say about this week :/
made changes to the layout because of some nonsensical bullshit.