Thursday, June 3, 2010

you were a priority, was i an option?

old picture is old and amusing.
i miss you girls.

add maths paper 2 was easier than it normally was.
it's either i'm starting to understand or there was something going on that i didn't catch on :S
the effects of sleep deprivation has started showing itself.
and i'm only going to get sufficient sleep on sunday night because of prefects camp which apparently needs to us to be awake at 7am, wtfe.

being a music guinea pig now.
i miss those days LOL


i am in desperate need of a shopping spree.
who wants to have some girl time?!


screwed for chemistry.
i'll most probably be awake the whole night unless i fall asleep.
which will result in me getting mindraped, again.


everyone was so into the spirit of team work today!


current term break schedule (will be updated):
  • 4th-6th: Prefects' Camp
  • 8th: Times Square with Jen Ai & Shin Wei & Michelle (?)
  • 9th: Study session/sleepover/outing with the bffsShopping @ Times Square with Michelle
  • 12th13th: Hippo Convention @ KLCC
  • 16th: ICSA IU Day/Film Fest Movies @ Mid
  • 18th: BBQ Night
and other unplanned things.
and daily schedule will include working on project wall of awesome, cleaning out my room and wardrobe, looking around for college programmes, planning my SPM study schedule.

is it really june already?


you'd think i'd be as happy as a unicorn (excuse the lame metaphor) since midterms are over (sivik and pj papers don't count).
but it's a bad day ==
come back home to some idiotic things and got mindraped during school hours by bio and sejarah.


off to camp tomorrow!
omo, i'm so excited heeheehee


this time i thought things were real,
you said they were,
what happened?
you were a priority,
was i an option?