Monday, June 7, 2010

because it deserves its own post

highlights of camp:

1) thinking we were staying at the ns camp and cursing our butts off
2) finding out we weren't actually staying at an ns camp LOL
3) completing the obstacle course /proud
4) getting buttgrabbed to finish the obstacle course
5) jungle trekking in the middle of the night
6) thinking we lost someone while jungle trekking
7) almost peeing in my pants while jungle trekking
8) holding on to ronnie and bala's hands really tight during jungle trekking because i was scared shitless
9) gossiping at the mamak till 4am
10) sleeping only 2 hours on the first night
11) waking up instantly after hearing siang ho's voice LOL
12) noticing a hot guy from another school and betting that michelle would find him hot (which she did)
13) completing the high rope course /proud
14) the awesomeness of the projects
15) falling asleep at the mamak
16) how fast everyone went to sleep on the second day
17) not noticing that the electricity went off for at least 2 hours till the next morning
18) gossiping with all the girls in the dorm
19) clapping and screaming at a cow who was peeing while we were on the bus

not so fun stuff:

1) falling sick after camp
2) falling sick after camp
3) falling sick after camp

twas such an awesome weekend.
pictures will be up on facebook soon :)