Wednesday, November 3, 2010


surfing through my facebook photos.
fond memories, good times.
some of them beyond ridiculous.
yes, spm is in less than a month and i'm reminiscing. shut up.
(most, or all, pictures are from last year. and not in order)

good friday '09

first performance as warriorz, sports day '09

blood donation drive '09

rading the most awesome shop of shirts, ever. hatyai '09

BARACK OBAMA OF INTERACT (i do not recall wth that was), cheer '09

warriorz, stompers, falcons, vivacious, cheer '09

shabu shabu with the girls, '09

DISSECTION, biology '09

our idea of hanging out., times square '09

kar lei's farewell, '08. missing you like hell, bb girl.

tuition @ ideal, '08

icc '09. best journey throughout kl on public transport :')

cirque belacan '08

first triumphant moments of cheer, '08

interact iu day, '08

first moments of my cheering life, sports day '08

c3 '09

sweet 16th, '09

idek what to say LOL study group '08

pre-spm days, i want you back ):

days to spm: 20
days till the end of school: 36(?)