Tuesday, November 16, 2010

high school graduate

Live, Move, Be Awesome. 5A9, Class of 2010.
Credit: Connie Tan

it's 4.38am.
i'm lying down in the dark, with the laptop in front of me.
in about 3 hours, i will be stepping into school grounds. 5 hours later, i will step out as a high school graduate.
amazing how time flies, isn't it?
i get a stabbing ache in my chest whenever i remember that school's over but i get excited at the same time.
despite the bullshit and drama that i've been through these past 5 years, it's been good and it has taught me so much.
i wonder if the pipes will break tomorrow, when i see everyone hugging each other (IT'S A HUG A CHINESE DAY AS WELL :D), taking last pictures together, writing down phone numbers and email addresses because the next time we step into school, we'll be sitting for spm.
it's all going to be over in a matter of hours. i still can't believe it.


last day of school, graduation.
it was kinda touching to see my whole class wearing our shirts, with the "class quote" on it.
oh, there was the usual commotion, picture taking, shirt signing, message writing and all that.
and no tears. thank god. i was already looking like a zombie halfway through the day. but i almost started crying on the way to school because i think that's when reality hit me the most. held it in, didn't want my dad to see me blubbering like an idiot for a stupid reason.

got our class and places for spm.
second row, last table. i get to sit under the fan :D downside is, the head invigilator will be in our room which means more than two invigilators will be with us when we do our papers. god have mercy.

it was a good day :)
no matter how many times i've complained about school, i'm definitely going to miss it.

days to spm: 7
days to freedom: 23