Friday, December 10, 2010


an epic day with my girls, megan and alia :D
i don't think you actually need me to explain to you how much fun i had with all the giggles, food and little jokes from the past.
and megan losing her way trying to find us, a la british council date HAHA

watched narnia, which was pretty good.
as alia said on her blog, it is pretty obvious i have a big crush on ben barnes but that man is gorgeous. how is it possible to NOT drool over him?!
i bet the other people in the cinema were annoyed by us making jokes and screaming "bromance!" or "jesus lion!" throughout the whole thing.
the only love story going on in this movie is between edmund and caspian (which didn't turn out because jesus lion most probably didn't approve LOL) and that pairing explains our screams of bromance and giggles during every scene where they were together.
thank god no one threw popcorn at us :B

i ate so much i think i'm going to have to stop eating for the next week or so.
alia left ): but min joined us for dinner and it was quite amusing to watch him driving, talking to the other cars as if they could hear him.

we totally need to "test" a new restaurant soon ;)

ps: aliabb got louis vuitton shoes because i came late. you better love me :P
pps: i never got to try meganbb's nutella cupcakes ):
ppps: if it were possible, i would buy the whole line of nail polish from the face shop.