Wednesday, December 8, 2010


23/11, BM:
couldn't sleep. woke up panicking (lol) but both papers went pretty well despite some screw ups. TODAY IS ALSO THE DAY CHOCOLATE BECAME THE INSIDE JOKE OF THE '93 BABIES.
(one hour later)
shit, i think i screwed up more than i thought shit shit shit i am so stupid T_T

24/11, English:
woke up in hysterics because i couldn't remember if paper 1 was essay questions or comprehension == might've screwed some stuff up for my essays, used an 8B pencil instead of a 2B to shade in my answers wtfffffff

25/11, Sejarah:
after paper 1: OMG THAT WAS OKAY WHAT
after paper 2: kill me, please.

29/11, Maths:
buttraped hard by paper 1. what was that?! paper 2 was much better. i hope whatever i did is enough to get me my A. i really started tearing up after paper 1. i'm gonna be so angry at myself if i don't get this ):

30/11, Moral:
i actually started liking moral since the start of this year cos i managed to memorise everything so s'all good (:

01/12, Add Maths:
the first day of december was not a pretty one. buttraped HARD by both add maths paper. but i'm one of the few who thought paper 2 was hard which is kinda worrying. okay, gonna forget about add maths till results come out. please god, just give me my credit.

02/12, Physics:
idk what to make of it. it's the same as one of my papers during trials. it was good one one hand, bad on another :S
and i've gotten paranoid about writing my angka giliran wrong (which i did the other day hdfsdhfsjkdb thank god i noticed) but they still check the ic numbers right?

06/12, Chemistry:
few careless mistakes in paper 1 (FFFFFFUUUU), a few screw ups in paper 2, idk what to say about paper 3 tho lol but i'm pretty happy and confident for this subject (: i was in such a good mood after, i decided to clear out part of my cupboard LOL

08/12, Biology:
careless mistakes in paper 1 AGAIN == few problems with paper 2 but it was pretty good overall :D
i also wrote my angka giliran wrong again. what the hell is wrong with me?

i feel normal tho :S and my plans of sleeping for 16 hours failed. meh.
but at least we ended it on a good note (:
i can't believe high school is officially officially over.