Tuesday, June 9, 2009


My blog is dead, I know I know LOL
But my holidays are like fully booked.
Most of the time I'm busy doing something.
I still hvae 3-4 moral essays and 2 kerja amal reports, sheez.

Went out twice already, once to Mid, another to Sunway.
MSN has been trying to stop me from getting the pictures -.-
So I shall post what little pictures I have.

Camwhoring in Mid.

Mel's nails getting painted for the first time in a very long time.

Showing off LOL
It chipped off 15 minutes after that.

Cheer mood has been on and off.
We managed to nail our basket toss (in which I got injured today, MY NECK IS STILL PAIN LOL) and one group managed to get their stunt sequence.
p/s: Per Li, I'm going to smack you if you don't get it :P

So if I don't blog in the next 3 weeks, I'm cheering my butt off and dying of exhaustion.