Saturday, March 20, 2010

holidays, schmolidays

hanging out in kai's cool tree house.
photographer: megan chng

it's sunday night and i'm not worrying about school tomorrow.
but holidays aren't holidays anymore.
holidays in 2010 are filled with busy days and this whole week will be filled with studying. (AN : mission to study failed ==)
exams on the 23rd, ugh.

spent the day with meganbb at HELP's open day and the edu fair at mid.
so, i've decided to stick with psychology or law.
but i've got another 9 months.
that will go by really fast :/

as the facebook group says "is it just me or does every year go by faster and faster?"


kai's party was awesome :D
i want her to adopt me. seriously.
because i want to live in her treehouse and play band hero all day long.

and i would also like to marry johnny depp in his mad hatter costume :)


prefects course for the juniors today was fun :D
although running around after 13 and 14 year olds is tiring LOL
omg, i was so exhausted earlier that while i was showering, i dropped a sponge and i just stared at it for like 5 seconds and then thought "i want to sleep"
and now i don't feel sleepy at all.
i think my body resets its energy levels at around 10.30pm wtf.


"to lydiabb, i'm so sorry for not being around when you were getting piles of poopyface being thrown at you, i'm sorry for not responding as fast as i should have. i must say that i am really proud of what you did and slowly you are making progress. please stay strong "
- megan chng

it's okay, we all know the shit you're going through now and i feel bad for not being there for you most of the time. i know what it feels like, i went through it last year.
just take care of yourself and watch your health okay?


friday night, suju's concert is tomorrow night.
was planning on going and sitting outside the stadium but i have no one to go with me.
and i want those tickets so badly.
and they're still selling tickets.
but how am i going to get the money?
why is this my life T_T


whole week ruined.
because of one night that didn't happen.
one night that would have completed my life.

oh and my computer crashed.

holidays were okay, lazing around being a bum while trying to tell myself to study.
can't wait for exams to be over.