Monday, March 1, 2010

tainted image

don't be so quick to judge me, you only see what i choose to show.

so this is what happens on the morning of the day i go back to school after a 3 day break.
i wake up at 5.30am to go to the toilet.
go back to the room and end up tossing and turning for an hour.
my mother comes and wakes me up and at that exact moment, i feel sleepy again.
i wake up late, at 6.50am.

legs still hurt really bad from the treasure hunt.
every step i take, it feels like it rattles the bones T_T
all the way from my feet to my thighs.


i hate how i sometimes have problems sleeping at night because i keep thinking of everything i have to do.
i hate how stressful form 5 life is.
i hate how much homework i have.
i hate how much pressure is being put on me to do well in spm.
i hate having to stay back till at least 2pm almost everyday.
i hate lack of sleep eventhough i try to get in a few hours every afternoon.
basically, i kinda hate 2010 right now.


just did 2 hours of add maths in tuition and now i have my add maths homework in front of me.
i think someone wants all my brain cells to die in one night ==
michelle saw a snake in the field today.
she screamed, i ran and then she scolded me for running to wrong way LOL

both my bbs, megan and alia, will be at camp this weekend.
while i have school on saturday.


give me one damn good reason why i should help you look good when you murdered my social life, made me lose sleep and basically just turned my whole world upside down.
no really, give me a damn good reason.
because i don't know why i'm doing it either.


  • moral folio
  • add maths homework
  • yellow house stuff
  • go to the stationery shop to get stuff for the yellow house stuff
  • wash school shoes
  • finish komsas notes
  • finish chemistry worksheets
jyeah, this is basically my everyday life right now :/

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