Friday, March 12, 2010

yellow ♥

yellow house, ftw!

exams are in exactly two weeks.
i haven't started studying.
i should start studying.
i need to do well, srsly.
someone give me motivation to study.


went to school today with my hair in a pony tail for the first time.
i think it's been about six or seven months since my friends have seen me with my hair tied up.
their reactions were so amusing.


the 55-200mm one, whoooooo.
thank you, daddy. i love you :D


feeling so proud of yellow house right now :D
second place for cheer, first place for marching and second place overall.
sports day was fun.
involved a lot of walking and sitting under the sun, getting burnt ==
i think you could've fried an egg on my head.

i still have tuition tonight and school tomorrow.


i went to school today for no reason.
i only learned chemistry LOL
and it doesn't feel like the holidays :/
exams in about a week.

i've realised i've been a little bit more bitchy lately.
just bear with it for a little while, i'm going through some stuff.
and being bitchy is one of the ways i deal with it.
p/s: sorry if i lashed out at you for no good reason :S