Saturday, April 10, 2010

defying gravity

shabu shabu with the girls

a red ant bit my toe last night.
and now it hurts and itches all at the same time.
chemistry tomorrow :/


what is it with insects and me? ==
huge ass thing jumped on my thigh during dinner last night and i screamed and nearly overturned two (yes, two. not one) tables.

and today: death by chemistry
(two if you don't count sivik)


so sleepy T_T
i was like a zombie in school today.
sleeping three hours a night just to study is definitely not fun.
how the hell did i manage to do it in form 3 and 4?

proof of my sleepiness: wanted to call my dad. used the house phone. instead of dialing my dad's number, i dialed my house phone's number. I WAS USING THE HOUSE PHONE ==


but intervensi starts on monday, what even ==
shabu shabu tomorrow night for jo lynn's birthday.

mamak session with the girls today was awesome ♥
it's been a long time, bbs.


taking a cab, walking in the hot sun, getting caught in the rain ==
chan jo lynn, you better love us.


it's time to try defying gravity
i think i'll try defying gravity
kiss me goodbye, i'm defying gravity
and you won't bring me down.