Thursday, September 23, 2010

bring it on

trials start next week.
well, it already started for some of us.
i am nowhere near finishing the whole syllabus T_T (hopefully i will be done by the time spm rolls around)
second last exam in my schooling life.

trials timetable:
27/09 Monday: BM 1&2
28/09 Tuesday: English 1&2
29/09 Wednesday: Mod Maths 1&2
30/09 Thursday: Add Maths 1&2
01/10 Friday: Moral
04/10 Monday: Biology 1&2
06/10 Wednesday: Biology 3 & Chemistry 3
07/10 Thursday: Sejarah 1&2
08/10 Friday: Chemistry 1&2
10/10 SUNDAY: WALK FOR SIGHT (more in the next post ehehe)
11/10 Monday: Physics 1&2
12/10 Tuesday: Physics 3
13/10 Wednesday: Sivik*

2 and a half weeks of torture.
bring on the late nights, the stress, the tears and the hand cramps.

days to trials: 3
days to spm: 60
days to the end of school: 76


*i cannot believe we still have to sit for a sivik paper. can i skip this ah ==