Thursday, September 2, 2010

dear spm

i think most of you already know i went to singapore last weekend and i loved it.
might even go there to study since daddy asked me to think about it. (note to self: look up courses there)
the shopping is awesome, the place is absolutely gorgeous, the food not as awesome (LOL) but hey, it'll help me lose weight right?
and i think i'll just leave it at that before i jizz all over the keyboard.

life has been pretty slow. but then every time i think that, i remember spm and i go all KJSDBHFJKSDBGSBDFK.
two plus months left, you gaiz.
and then high school is over and all of us move on to the next chapter and that idea just scares the shit out of me eventhough i've been constantly saying that i can't wait to get out of school (which is true) but i just can't imagine life without school anymore ):

raya break this year gonna suck balls since all of us will have our noses buried in our books, bleh.

dear spm,
i hate you.
love, lydia.

days to trials: 23
days to spm: 80
days till the end of school*: 96


* this is based on my spm timetable, not sure about yours :P