Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Chicken pox, le sigh.

No, I'm not dead yet.
I'm just sick.
I'm sure the whole world already knows, but what the heck.
And a whooping cough which is annoying as hell -.-
Have been suffering for a week and I haven't been to school in a week.
Well, more than a week.
And I won't be in school for another two weeks AND THEN IT WILL BE PMR
No, somehow I'm not panicking yet.
I'm scared cos I'm not scared of the fact PMR is less than three weeks away.
I am weird and I rock like that (:

Uhh, more outdated news!
My bro left for Bristol last.. *thinks* LAST WEDNESDAY!
Yeahp, its been almost a week since he's been there.
Feels weird without him in the house.
Have been chatting with him through the webbie but I won't let him see my spots :P

I miss you!