Monday, September 1, 2008

Study group & Pangkor

Friday, 29th August

Skipped school cos I was lazy (MUM ACTUALLY LET ME SKIP SCHOOL wtf, jakun-.-)
Had study group over at my place with Michx, Kate and Rachel.
They came over around 10AM with McD's for breakfast. (God help me, fatty food!)

Nah, Rachel.

God knows what I was doing.

Didn't do much studying first half of the day.
Was watching PS I Love You and then after the show we cooked lunch.
Or rather, Michx & me cooked lunch.


After lunch, started studying.
I swear we were actually studying.
But after around 2 hours, we got bored.

So we found a more pleasurable hilarious way to study.

Of course me being the weird one lah.

Kissy kissy! xD

Michx and Kate stayed over.
Did some mad stuff at night.
Like making me look like some idiot with a bengkak eye *cough*KATE-LYN*cough*
Got the shit scared out of me by Pochong. I was screaming like hell and it was only the trailer.
Talked till around 2AM and fell asleep.

Woke up and made PANCAKES!
We love pancakes!

Camwhore while watching Phantom of the Opera.

Had lunch.
After lunch studied for an hour, ONLY.
Or did we study before lunch? LOL
Okay whatever. We gambled for like four hours!


Don't ask why its Mickey Mouse cards or why there's a Carlsberg card mixed in there.

Sunday, 31st August


wtf -.-

Went to Pangkor!
For two days one night LOL

Left the house around 10AM.
Slept on the way there.
Stopped by Teluk Intan for lunch.

NAH! Leaning tower of Teluk Intan!

Prawns for lunch.
Didn't really like it, but my bro whacked almost half the plate -.-

Candid by Daddy!

Camwhore in the car.

Reached the jetty around 2.30PM and got onto the ferry.
The freaking ferry was infested with flies I tell you.
Don't ask me why.

Reaching Pangkor.

Reached Pangkor and headed to hotel.
Then went to check out the beach nearby.

Walking on the beach.
The beach is awesome.
Check out my surf pants! Lol random.
Can finally cross it out from my wishlist.

Went back to hotel and chill.
Around 7PM, went for dinner.
Waited like 40 minutes for the damn food to come.
Service damn bad. Le sigh.

Went into town after dinner.
Well, it isn't exactly a town lah.
Just rows of shops.

Nah, some shops. LOL

See those vans?
Its the only form of transportation there unless you rent a motorcycle of bicycle.
And its damn expensive.
RM10 from hotel to town!

Shopped for awhile and went back to the hotel.
Gambled again, and I won :D

Woke up next day, went for breakfast.
Then, went to the beach!

Walking to the beach.
Don't ask me why I'm wearing the same shirt for two days.
Okay, I'm still gonna tell you.
I was wearing my Dstarz shirt and my mum told me to change in case it got wet and then if that happened I wouldn't have anything to wear back -.-

Only decent picture I have of myself on the beach.

Shells embedded into the rocks.

Walked to this bunch of rocks.
The tide was out so we could go on them and sit down.

With Daddy looking at another island with binoculars at the back.

That's Pangkor Laut.
I don't know why there are two Pangkors LOL
But according to Mummy, Pangkor Laut is just the beach and hotel.


The bird-watching man. HAHAHAHA

Both times I was caught messaging Megan.

Check out the rocks.
Damn chun lah.
So much for "leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but memories"

Walked back to the hotel.
Saw this on the way back.

Spot the kitty!

Reached the hotel and camwhored a lil.

Checked out at 12PM and headed for the jetty.
The ferry had an open deck thingy.
So I got to take some pictures.

Before leaving the jetty.
OH JAA, this ferry was also infested with flies -.-

That's the jetty.

& that's a fishing village we passed.

Random picture.

Slept all the way home in the car LOL
Call me a lazy pig :p

p/s: I'll be cutting down on blogging till PMR is over. Its like 40 days from now. *WHINEWAILSCREAM*