Sunday, March 8, 2009


Picture @ Bukit Tinggi

I cannot tahan not blogging now LOL
COS ITS THE WEEKEND YEAH YEAH YEAH *plays Disney weekend song* LOL
Or was it Nickelodeon? :/
Random picture post for today WHEEE
Excuse the high-ness.

Punathan sleeping in the prefects room LOL

Went to school one Saturday to clean up the class.
Kena marah from Faridah O.O
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, eh?

Kadine's boobs are part of the Sentosa Idol crew xD

And I vandalised a table from 4A8 :D

Pictures from class credits to Jeremy.

Being stupiakz LULZ
Check out my cute fingers wheeeee


Today, I was reading history notes I got from Shin Wei.
I was falling asleep when I saw this.

I tell you that woman ah *shakes head*

I got back my old hairstyle :D
But I dunno whether to keep it or cut it short again.

Fifteen days of practice (maybe sixteen if I make them practice more. Or seventeen if I have practice on Saturday LOL they're going to kill me) before Sports Day.
I have no cheer, no stunt sequence, no jump sequence, no tumbling sequence, no ending pyramid and no uniforms OMAIGAWD
And we haven't finished learning the dance.
Plus, exams are still on till Friday!

Oh oh, video of Carmen to enlighten you people xD
p/s: Carmen, don't kill me. You said I could upload it on Youtube!


I stole pictures from Megan's blog from her CNY gathering WHEE!

I get to see this woman in the morning *dances*

Iz Sara & Isaac :D

Trisher, high on air LOL

Muh darling Turqoise Hippo!
Why is my face so red? :/

Iz pretty Nasha :D

Underage gambling, teehee.

LOL Aaron & Chris affected by the flash.

Trisher's Long Island Tea.
"Let's have Sex on the Long Island Beach under the Tequila Sunrise"
Wild Sex scandal, joke of the year LOL

And blur group picture to top it all of!