Saturday, June 14, 2008

Dead no more

YEAY! I'm finally updating my blog properly.
I remembered I stored some pictures I was supposed to blog about in my pendrive cos I was going over to Megan's house for a sleepover and intended to blog there.
But I was too lazy LOL so I just uploaded them into the laptop.

Camwhore pictures.

Sleepover with Michx @ my place.

Tee hee, I bounced on the chair xD

After that, I had this brilliant idea to put the camera on the stairs (we were using her TWO SECOND timer. [yes, two miserable seconds -.-])
So I had to jump down one flight of stairs to get to the place where Michx was standing lah.

See, she pose all damn nice and I'm some blur thing down there.

I ended up HITTING the chair, then BOUNCED off of it and onto the floor.
Brilliant idea wasn't it?

I love this picture :D

What the hell was I thinking?


Lydz with Michx's leprechaun drawing and Michx with Lydz's giant Patrick.

I totally forgot to upload this picture. It was ages ago.

Guess who? :D
Yes it is a guy. And he even got humped by a cute guy!

This was also ages ago.
Kate brought her camera to school for some stuff.
So, pictures!

Class picture with Cik Shariza.

Random picture LOL Fazli damn blur.

Kate & Lydz in the library.
Love this picture :D

LOL, don't ask.


Weng Yee's face just says "LOL"

I'm sure most of you know, but what the hell lah.


Picures from Hippo Outing to Cirque Balagan.

Alia is so photogenic, its unfair.

Omg, fatness :/

Hippos <3We were supposed to do lala poses, Alia and I ended up laughing while Megan did that xD


Successful lalaness!

Uhm, yeah. I guess that's it. LOL
I'll try to blog about Thailand soon.
Let me figure out how to transfer the pictures from my phone.