Saturday, June 21, 2008

Tuition, birthdays and cheer

Hello people!
I finally uploaded my pics to the laptop. Thank God.
Anyway, peekchers!

We were bored in tuition the other day during English lesson (seriously, its ENGLISH)
So, we decided to camwhore :D

This is seriously a classic photo. Hee (:

Hafifi & me.
He's got some bling bling on his teeth xD
I look fat :D

Muh fav pic of the night.
Edited on my phone.

Random-ness :D
Rest of the pictures are with Michx, will upload later.

On Wednesday, it was my niece's first birthday.

Racket-face LOL

Mister Photographer Man, Uncle Joe!

The birthday girl's drunk on cake ! :O

Little Aria.

Shaena and Haelee were having a wrestling match that lasted half an hour :/

The littlest angel in the family, Trisha.

& Shaena's brilliant idea to give a teddy bear a pampers!
Kids these days.

Cheer practice started last Thursday.
I can swear to you my whole body is aching like crazy right now.
Anyway, the thing that killed us was the stretching LOL
But its all worth it.

Effects of doing thigh-stands a million and one times :D

Charm All-Stars in Japan.

p/s: The lappy no Photoshop )): Cannot edit the pictures :'(