Thursday, June 5, 2008

Blog is dead ):

Omg, I can't believe I'm actually letting my blog die :O

But I've got a good reason!
My computer crashed. Yes, sad ain't it?
And all my blogging material is IN the computer itself.
And I might not be able to get all my pictures again. GOD SAVE ME LAH DEI!
So I am currently using my dad's laptop to do this.
&& I only have pictures from Megan's blog from the Hippo Outing.

So yeah.
And my blog is gonna be dead for the next few days as well cos...
I shall be going up to Thailand.
Last minute trip -.-"
I shall be back on Sunday hopefully by 8PM as I have lots of unfinished work to do.
Gah, screw it.
But shopping! :DD

I leave you with a retarded picture of me (: