Saturday, June 21, 2008

Tag, you're it!

I was bored, so I decided to do this.
Not like anyone actually reads it LOL

First name : Lydia

Nickname : Lydz
Name you wish you had : Sierra, but I like my name thank you very much (:
What do people normally mistake your name as : Lidya -.-"
Birthday : 12th May 1993
Birthplace : Subang Jaya Medical Centre
Time of birth : 9AM +, I think LOL
Single or taken : Single
Zodiac sign : Taurus

♥Your appearance..
How tall are you : 5"4?
Wish you were taller : I'm okay with my height, but I don't mind
Eye colour : Brown
Eye colour you want : Greyish blue
Natural Hair Colour : Brownish black
Current Hair Colour : Black with very light brown
Short or long hair : Somewhere in the middle
Ever dyed your hair a bizzare colour : Uhm, no
Last time you did something dramatic with your hair : A few years back when I changed it to my current hairstyle
Glasses or contacts : Both (:
Do you wear make-up : Only on special occasions
Ever had hair extensions : Nah uh
Paint your nails : Stupid question -.-

♥In the opposite gender.
What color eyes : Blue <3
What color hair : I don't really care as long as its normal LOL
Shy or Outgoing : Outgoing but shy at the same time :/
Looks or personality : Personality, but good looks with brownie points! :D
Sexy or Cute : A little of both
Serious or Fun : Both
Older or Younger than you : Does age really matter? But I'd prefer older lah LOL
A turn on : His hair (:
A turn off : Smokes!

♥This or that.
Flowers or Chocolates : The flowers will die, the chocs will be eaten, so A TEDDY BEAR
Rap or Rock : Do I have to choose?
Relationship or One night stand : Relationship lah durh!
School or Work : School :D
Love or Money : Love!
Movies or Music : Music!
Country or City : Both
Sunny or Rainy days : Rainy with sun LOL
Friends or Family : Don't make me choose

♥Have you ever.
Lied : -.-"
Stole something : Does a pen count?! LOL
Smoke : Hell no
Hurt someone close to you : Yeah :/
Broke someone's heart : Yes and I regret it
Wonder whats wrong with you : Durh
Wish you were a prince/princess : Nah, too much publicity
Liked someone who was taken : Obviously
Shaved your head : Not that crazy
Been in love : I guess
Used chopsticks : Of course lah. I not so ulu tau
Sang in the mirror to yourself : Nope, lol. In the shower got lah

Flowers : Roses
Candy : Candy canes
Songs : Dark blue - Jack's Mannequin (Current fave)
Scent : Body Shop's White Musk
Colour : White :D
Movie : Too many!
Singer : Who has ONE favourite singer?
Word : LOL
Website : My blog xD
Location : My room
Animal : Horses <3

Ever cried over someone : Yeah, stupidness
Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself? : Yeah?
Do you think you're attractive : Not really :/
If you had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose : Cinderella
Do you play any sports : CHEER! And don't tell me that doesn't count!

♥Random Facts.
1. I watch the same video about a million times without ever getting bored
2. I used to think everyone sees other people differently (as in their appearance)
3. I like certain types of pain :D
4. I like acting bimbo-ish at times
5. I never liked David Cook (IN YOUR FACE NAT!)
6. I smile to myself for no apparent reason
7. I don't want to get fat, and yet I continue eating like a pig

I tag..
Alicia, Alia & Megan


Its so bloody funny, you'll laugh till your stomach aches.