Friday, June 27, 2008

Smexy mentos

What we do when we get bored at tuition (:
And yes, that is a mentos with a face xD

Had cheer practice yesterday.
I'm not as sore as last week.
Eric came an hour late -.-

Anyway, uhm.. we did.. uhhh
Jumps with spotters
Jumps without spotters (This is where I stretched my thigh muscle a little too much doing herkie)
Strength exercises thinggy (Got tortured like hell doing the squat/base thinggy)
Single base and double base thigh stands
Shoulder-sits (Lol, Kassendra made me fall xD)
& cartwheels. (None of us knew how to do it, except Kass so Eric thought us the basic step over thing)

And after all that, I walked back home and fell down on the stairs.
And scraped my hand :D
But its fine.

Dirty, sweaty, grimy, oily etc after practice.

All better (: (Haha, lame wtf)

Click to enlarge (: