Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bolt & Twilight

Update time.
Not much to write about since I totally forgot most of the things from the outing last Thursday.
So uhm.. random stories about what happened, photo captions and at the end of the post, MOVIE REVIEWS :D

Camwhoring with a camera while using the webcamera LOL

Okay, so last Thursday went to Mid to watch two movies.
Basically, I spent part of the morning getting ready while talking to Megan!
Reached Mid and queued up for the tickets.
While waiting, Megan calls me saying she's at the cinema and then we see each other AND WE WERE LITERALLY SQUEALING AND HUGGING! LOL
People were looking at us weird :/

Michelle showing off her nails.

Megan digging through her huge bag.

And me being a fish :D

Met up with Cheryl and headed to the cinema to watch Bolt in 3D.
About 15 minutes through the movie, I had to go out with Megan to pass the tickets to Chris. MEH

Camwhoring after the movie.

Went bowling. Okay, I didn't bowl.
I don't see how paying for something I totally suck at is a good way to waste money LOL

Cheryl getting high.
I don't have a picture of her actually bowling cos somehow all the pictures from my camera came out extremely blur. I don't even know why.


Looks like he's trying to stop himself from falling.

At 4.30PM went to the cinema again to catch Twilight.
The place was damn packed -.- Three screenings of Twilight at the same time.

Cheryl's amazing photography skills! xD

Bolt was awesome.
It was hilarious and the ending was sad and I cried LOL
Watch it :D Its more awesome in 3D

Now I got a lot to talk about.
The movie is just okay for me cos I absolutely love the book.
The cut a lot of parts. I mean, what happened to Emmett saying "This is wrong, Edward. She's not one of us!" MEH
I STILL CANNOT BELIEVE THEY CENSORED THE KISS SCENE! *grumbles* Stupid censorship board -.-
I loved Kristen Stewart as Bella. But Bella still annoys me LOL
I love Alice! Especially her pitching during the baseball scene which was the best scene in the movie.
Oh, half the movie, Chris was constantly asking questions.
Half his questions were "Are they the werewolves?" or something similar to that.
Poor Megan. She was sitting next to him and was explaining to him. She missed half the movie :S

Robert Pattinson *swoons and melts*
I actually freaked when they announced that he'd be playing Edward a few months ago.
But 3 days after the announcement, I fell in love with him.
I fell in love with him again while watching the movie.

ps: Don't ask why all the pictures I am in I'm doing the fish pose. LOL