Saturday, December 20, 2008


The stupidity of some people -.-
I was listening to the radio earlier and there was something about Twilight.
So, the DJ asked the girl "What is the name of the red-indian Bella met at the beach?"
Duh, Jacob Black.
She went and say Edward Cullen at first, then she said Mike! WTF
And the DJ told her she was right *headdesk*

Now, random pictures from the three and a half day sleepover with Megan last weekend.

Robert Pattinson! :O
Rhino! :O

Eyeliner heart, teehee.

We spent most of the weekend doing our nails. xD

Megan's Christmassy nails.

My room floor was perpetually like this the whole weekend.
My nails were done in the purple colour on the right side of the picture.
Picture of my nails were blur and I already took it off -.-

Fishy! :D


On another note, PMR results in less than two weeks *hyperventilates*