Saturday, January 31, 2009

Day in KL

Went to Pavillion yesterday with Michx, Blake and Ikhwan.

Michx woke me up at 9AM, I fell asleep again and I woke up again the next time she called me.
At 10.18AM LOL
So her mum was supposed to send us to school, and since I was late we were supposed to end up walking but Keshia picked us up :D
Went to school to get our prefects uniform. OMIGOD I LOOK SO WEIRD! Skirt so long T_T
Then, Keshia being the awesome person she is, sent us to the LRT station.
I love you Keshia :D

While waiting for Blake at Hang Tuah station.

I damn lazy to type out lah LOL
Nah, look at more pictures.

Michx, Lydz and OX-picious golden bull.

Blake, random pose, ox-picious bull *cough*

Headed up to GSC, met up with Iwan, bought tickets and walked around.
Went to Body Shop to get this awesome perfume.
And while I was shopping around in Body Shop with Michx..

Blake was doing this HAHAHAHAHA

I blew like RM50+ in less than an hour T_T

Had lunch at this awesome place called Pepper & Lunch.
I like using the word awesome, sue me xD

Food there is really nice and quite reasonable cos the serving is a lot.
Two people eating one dish and its already really filling.

Blake is obviously happy with his food LOL

I don't like corn. And there was a lot of corn in the dish I was sharing with Michx.
So, she pushed the corn to one side for me.
What a good girlfriend friend she is right?

We spent ages at the place laughing like idiots.
I think the owners started cursing us cos we were really noisy.
Thanks to Blake, joker of the millineum xD
There were two people at the next table and they came 20 minutes earlier then us.
They left, the table was cleaned and we were still sitting there while being stupid xD
See, I started typing again zomg

I was trying not to laugh okay! x)

She wants to kiss him :X (JOKING, DON'T KILL ME T_T)
Blake's eyes so brown, SO AWESOME!

Reason why we were laughing so much?

Untitled from Michelle Hor on Vimeo.

And he was laughing cos of this video.

Good times, good times xD

Who can believe you were sweating in Pavillion right? xD
Then, after lunch, Blake had to go back ): BOO
Nehmind, soon okay?!

Watched Bride Wars.
Awesome movie, recommended.

It was an awesome day.
Pretty exciting too right, Michx? xD Private joke LOL