Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Life sucks

My life sucks right now.
Let's see..
I have tons of paper work to do for cheer by next week latest. Thank God I have Haw Yern as secretary.
I have a week's worth of homework in TWO DAYS. Screw add maths. I hate my teacher -.-
I am so exhausted cos I had house practice yesterday till 3.30PM then I came back and helped my mum bake, homework and slept about 12.30AM.
Then school in the morning, MORE HOMEWORK (damn you people) and then cheer after school.
My body is aching all over right now. I need counterpain. Where iz my counterpain?!
But first cheer practice of the year *squeal*
All 3 Science subjects tomorrow. Le sigh.. save me.
I am so tired right now, I can't even do anymore homework. It hurts my eyes.
And I've been wearing my contacts since last night so my eyes are super dry but my body hurts so much when I get up to change it so I'd rather deal with the dryness till later.

Oh, did I mention I got picked to be a prefect?
Yeah, I got picked to be a prefect *headdesk*

But.. one good thing this week

Its so pretty and was only RM50. At the pasar malam LULZ

I better go sleep, before my forehead hits the keyboard.