Thursday, January 22, 2009

Interview OMIGOD

This post has two sides.
Happy side and frustrated/stressing/scared side.

So, happy side first.
Had cheer practice yesterday. Uber fun. FIFTEEN PEOPLE CAME WHOO :D
Anyway, it was damn nice watching the juniors stretch and think how it was me about half a year ago xD
Taught them stunts and they got it pretty fast.
In like half an hour. Three stunt groups!
I based Kheen Ho WHOOO

Effects of the spider. MEH

Now for the frustrated/stressed/scared side.
I had prefect interview today.
I despise interviews. I HATE INTERVIEWS. I have a phobia of interviews -.-
Omigod, I couldn't stop shaking my leg in the room.
And the head prefect was freaking sarcastic and kept giving all of us a "look" after asking a question.
To me, it went badly. BUT I HAVE TO BE POSITIVE!
Before this I was like, if I get it, I get it. If I don't, screw it. Now, I want it so badly.
I know I didn't want to become a prefect in the first place but its actually quite fun.
Results out tomorrow.
Pray for me T_T