Wednesday, January 7, 2009

School *wails*

I think its time for an update. Don't you think so too?
So, well. I guess that you can guess what I'm going to blog about. Its not as if no one else is doing it LOL

School is.. okay. Boring. Stupid. But fun (:
First day of school, I somehow got talked into waking up at 5.45AM to take the bus to school.
Okay, I didn't actually get up at 5.45AM (I did just to off my alarm and decide I'd rather ask my mum to send me) cos I only had about two hours sleep. Hey, still in the holiday mood MEH
Michelle ended up calling me at 6AM to check whether I was awake and made me get up.
The results of the lack of sleep: hyperness.
We were talking like crazy idiots in school (talking fast and nonsensical things) and ended up singing "Fly on the wall" WTF?! I hate that song :/
Lined up and waited to know what class we were in. I was really scared I wouldn't get into pure Science cos of my trial results.
I was cursing everyone inside my head for talking when the class teacher for 4A9 (Pure Science, non-mandarin class) was calling out the names. AND I WAS SO HAPPY WHEN SHE SAID MY NAME TEEHEE :D

Jo Lynn, Jen Ai, Jeremy, Faridah and a few other people I get along well with are in my class along with all the smart farts I hate, thank you very much.
Its going to be a hard two years keeping up with everyone.
OH, NEW GIRL FROM KUANTAN! Every single guy is trying to get her number *headdesk*
Can you guys be anymore desperate than you already are?

Anyway, today's the third day of school and I already have tons of Maths homework.
Finished my Add Maths work, and got some BM work to do.
Omg, BM this year seems so scary! My Moral teacher scares me *hides in corner*

If I don't blog soon, please assume that I am dying from the stress.
Please and thank you. (:
(Wow, wordy post)