Thursday, December 10, 2009


so i haz my christmas wishlist :D surprisingly its not much this year. so here it is:
  1. dear john by nicholas sparks I BOUGHT IT MYSELF LULZ
  2. the twishite saga: new moan
  3. super junior's super show 2 photobook and dvd
  4. anything at all related to super junior lulz
  5. 2010 year planner
  6. mph vouchers :D
  7. clothes, because a girl can never have enough
  8. a light saber, i kid you not
  9. paper towns by john green
  10. a dream catcher
and i can't think of anything else LOL
but if you are getting me something *hint hint*, anything you'd think i like would do :)



two more!
  1. stationery (post-its, sharpies, pilot pens, A LOT OF REFILLS LOL)
  2. the last song by nicholas sparks

i haz more!
  1. super junior's super show dvd
  2. let it snow by john green, maureen johnson and lauren myracle
i don't think you guys are actually gonna get me the suju stuff right?
but a girl can dream :)
(i know i am obsessed, shut up.)