Wednesday, December 16, 2009

socially awkward hippos ftw

AUTHOR'S NOTE: You'd probably not want to read this post because it might bore you to death but go ahead anyway so you can laugh at megan chng's fails :)

roughly 8 hours (i'm too lazy to actually find out the actual times) of unfiltered hippo today ♥ ♥ ♥

what we did?
kinokuniya to check out purdy azn boiz, find alia who was lost at the entrance (rofl), delifrance for brunch along with awesomesauce random conversations including cute undies that were indeed present the whole time, kinokuniya again but this time to squee at purdy azn boiz, to the playground for more awesomesauce bonding time and then off to british council.

Miz Chngae had three total fails today :) reblogging from alia cos she does it better than me.

Three moments of Megan Fails:

1. Because we are best friends and therefore telepathically connected, we stalked her up the staircase to her classroom at British Council. We here means Lydia and myself, with our dork levels super high thanks to being surrounded by so many intelligent brains. Of course we are the only teenagers in the world who would think, "Ooh! We have two hours of free time! Let's explore British Council! 8D" Bb I love you. =D Anyway, here's a point to be taken- the walls of the classrooms are made of glass. So Lydia and I stand outside Megan's class, and, like, you know, put our stalking faces on. xD ..She doesn't see us. She runs out (barefoot!), looks at something on the wall, runs back in.... and still doesn't see us. I can't remember what exactly we said (somewhere between a yell and a laugh, lol), but she finally turns around and says, says, says, "Eh?"

If you weren't so smart, I'd call you an airhead. :3

2. Exploring British Council took up all of fifteen minutes, so there was still a lot of time left. Naturally, being the Cool and Hip kids that we are, we gravitate towards the nearest air-conditioned place; Coffee Bean. Lyds treated me to a muffin. And we proceeded to.. squee. It is unfortunate, but there is really no other word for it. Then, at three thirty, lo and behold Miss Megan walks into Coffee Bean for a break. SHE DOES NOT SEE US. WE WERE SITTING AT THE WINDOW WTF MEGAN. She then proceeds to walk back out, STILL NOT SEEING US.

We then watched and laughed while she walked the wrong direction on her way back.

So, yeah, I called her before she could go back up to her classroom and she was like, "Eh?"

:facepalms with Lyds:

3. It's time for the Hippo Day to end, saaadly. Afraid Abang Yanto would arrive before Megan came down, we decided to save time by going straight to the British Council building instead. We were sitting on the sofas near the information counter, in plain sight of the staircase.

Anybody want to take a guess at what Megan Chng does as she passes where we were sitting?

If you answered "walk right past us again", YOU ARE CORRECT. No prizes given, sorry. :p

So I call her again, and this time, she does NOT say "Eh?" but opts for a more complete sentence which was- "OH MY GOD I MISSED YOU GUYS AGAIN DIDN'T I."

we still love you, bb :)
but i still can't believe you walked the wrong way to go back to class :P

time spent in coffee bean was for even more squeeing and almost tears as me and alia exchanged stories about arashi, super junior, korea, japan, england and our trip around the world (hopefully)
we actually took turns to talk about arashi and super junior, no joke lulz.

and we bought a journal from kinokuniya that's so pretty (<3) that shall be the travelling pants of the socially awkward hippos for the year of 2010.
i sense an awesomesauce year coming up.

we haz to do this again okay guuiseee? :D

wow, wordy poooost. awesome possum.