Monday, December 14, 2009

to megan chng mei kuen

  1. because you're one of my best friends
  2. because you're awesome
  3. because you make me laugh
  4. because you're a cheerleader and yet you don't have an IQ of an ostrich
  5. because you could kick the hulk's sorry green ass
  6. because you put up with my constant obsession with super junior
  7. because without you, i probably wouldn't be sane right now
  8. because you agreed to be a part of our socially awkward group, without hesitation
  9. because you make my day
  10. because you have such a gorgeous personality
  11. because you are beautiful, in every single way possible
  12. because i love you :)
  13. because you rock my totally boring world
  14. because you deserved to be loved
  15. because you put up with my lame ass puns
  16. because you are megan chng mei kuen.