Tuesday, December 29, 2009

goodbye 2009

i cannot actually believe that 2010 will be here in a few days.
and i cannot believe i will be in form 5 and an official spm candidate.

so, i was bored and i made a list of 16 things (if you ask why 16, you are a loser ==) that happened to me this year.
  1. got into science stream
  2. became a prefect
  3. got my first dslr
  4. got a new hairstyle
  5. found out who my true friends really are
  6. discovered john green and had my life changed by his awesome possum books
  7. discovered (and became obsessed with) kpop and had my life changed by it
  8. won best newcomers at cheer 2009
  9. tried to control my mood swings.. and failed
  10. managed to fail add maths three times in a row
  11. finally decided what i want to do in life
  12. went to europe
  13. became addicted to tumblr
  14. was put through a hell load of stress and survived
  15. went through a very painful experience because of a single person and also survived
  16. lived through one of the shittiest years in my life and STILL survived (I PWNED LIFE :D)
how was YOUR year?
and here's to us because we're going to kick 2010's butt and it will never know what hit it.