Friday, May 16, 2008

A week worth of pictures

Yo people!
Its been a week since I've updated my blog.
Been busy with exams, settling everything for cheer (Yes, I'm forming my own squad :D) and even breaking down in school for stupid reasons due to all the stress.
Now, I need to lose weight because I tend to eat more when I get stressed. Which is so totally bogus.

I really can't remember much about the past week so I'll just post up some pictures and a few short lines. Capish?

Random shot of the week:

Saw this in the newspaper.

8th May

Happy birthday Noelle!

10th May

Happy birthday Mummy!

And I cut my fringe as well like some time ago.
Not much difference, just a lil shorter.

See the difference?
Michx cut it for me (:

& after that one picture, I started posing like crazy.

Kissy face.

Retarded monkey.

Trying to be innocent *cough*

Then, we were going out for dinner.

Supposed to wear this but ended up wearing something else.

Ate at the Coliseum (sp?)

Mummy posing with the menu :D

11th May


Happy birthday to Pui San!

& happy birthday to Denny
My cousin who is currently in Australia and I don't think he will read this but whatever. Lol

Went out for lunch with my dad's side of the family.
& went to my Godparent's new house after lunch which is currently under renovation.


Bro on a pile of rock.

Trisha & I.

Rianne & I.
I was eating Choki-choki.
You know, that chocolate paste thing. Starting to get obsessed with it :/

Posing at the soon to be really cool windows.

Went to Subang Parade after that.
Got only one picture.

Evolution :D

Went for dinner at Sentul Temple.
(Yes, yes. I am a Christian but most of my family members are Buddhists so yeah lah)

Sky had such a pretty colour on the way there.

Then, started camwhoring with my bro.

Stoner and fish.

Oh, Lala land.

Ze temple.

Niumal discovered a new way for eating cake which did not make it easier, just more difficult.

Also had performances all through dinner.

The classic must have High School Musical.

Some kiddy dance.

Band from Malacca.

This little girl was awesome!

Let's play "Spot Winnie the Pooh" (Haha, Winne the Shit xD)

12th May


Didn't take much pictures on this day.
Just some random shots at Italiannies where I had dinner.

Plate, olive oil, salt & pepper, daddy's water and mumm's iced lemon tea.

Pretty paintings (:

13th May

Happy birthday to Nihal!

I doubt you'll read this as well. LOL
(I know I used the same picture for Denny's wish.)

Had a sleepover at Kate's place to celebrate freedom from exams.
& had a Bring It On Marathon too.

My little darlings. LOL
I know I'm crazy, sue me.

Kate's angry and my crazy "spirit fingers"

Happy Michx, crazy Kate, no-mood Lydz.

Random shot while watching Bring It On #1.

Kate going high.

Everyone fell asleep halfway through Bring It On Again which was around 2AM.
Woke up at 5.40AM just to go to school. Oh the suckyness.

Rachel went back to sleep. LOL

Putting on my against-the-school-rules-ankle-socks.

Don't we just scream random?

14th May

Happy birthday to Bernie!

Well, I guess I am done.
Shall update more soon.