Friday, May 2, 2008


Cos I love you so.

Randomness in tuition (:

I've got the the most prettiest twilight pictures EVERH!


Stayed back for Interact the other day.
And we got a little bit too high so we started measuring the angles of our faces with my ruler.

Mark @ 60 degrees.

Michelle @ ngam ngam 90.

Melvin @ 95 degrees.

And me..
360 degrees! LAWL! (This was so not my idea)

Michx, Marcus, Lydz & Melvin.

Poor Sharlinie.
Hasn't anyone found a trace on her yet?!

Went out to Mid on Wednesday.

Random shot from top floor.
All those tiny little people.

Jusco was having a sale so I bought clothes!

A tube dress, halter top and a tee.

Also went to an MPH warehouse sale.
Its like my personal heaven.
Someone build me a library.

Pretty Little Liars, The Minister's Daughter & Falling Leaves.

This was a useless post (: