Sunday, May 18, 2008

Fraser's Hill

My heart skipped a beat when you smiled at me.

18th May

Happy birthday to Rachel!

Random picture of the day:

Mr. Liew's illustration of someone combing their hair. LAWL

Went to Fraser's Hill today with the family just for the fun of it.

My smexy new limegreen sweater! *does the eyebrow thing*

Left the house around 12PM.
Travelled for about 3 hours.

Big, giant dam.

Family picture.
Lol, look at my dad xD

Doesn't this just scream cuteness?!


& poser.
Notice my amazingly huge ugly eyebags. Gahhh

When we reached the gate, the gate was closed cos like even hours were for outgoing traffic and odd hours for incoming traffic.
So we had to wait one hour down there.

The other cars waiting and this was only the line in front of us.

So, I stuffed myself with chips while waiting.
Thank God I have high metabolism or I'd be obese.
But I'm still fat.

Walked down the road to a small hut to have lunch.
And the place we were at had no service which didn't help cos I was messaging Alicia.
So walked up the road again and stoned while trying to message her.


& finally the gates opened.

Welcome to Fraser's Hill (:

Went exploring up there.
First place we went to was the waterfall.

Can you see it?

Oh, pretty!

Uhm, don't really remember what we did after that (getting old, wtf)

Pretty pine trees, unedited.

Stopped at another hut along the road in Fraser's Hill itself to like.. uhm lepak? LOL

Golf course.


Lydz & Justin.

In the car.

Byebye Fraser's Hill.

-The End-