Monday, May 19, 2008

The Bakery Patrol!

Ayam borhd.
So, ai deesaided to berlog.
And seence ai have nahting to berlog erbaut, ai shall berlog erbaut the niu "cult" ai have joyeened.

Lawl, I am so lifeless.
Megan infected me with that language.
So yeah, this new cult other than the Hippos.
Consisting of three people.

Number One

Alicia, the super gorgeous muffin.

Number Two

Lydia, the supersmexy cuppycake.
(Not self-proclaimed, Alicia came up with it)

Number Three

Megan, the fantabulous banana muffin.

Notice how I'm the only one that not really a muffin? Lol.

And together, we make up..

<3 ftw much.

Useless post. Sue me ;]

This boy is amazing!
Go to his channel to watch more :D
Credits to Michx for the video