Saturday, July 19, 2008

Digital camera <3

Hello people!
Well, good news. Awesome news!
I finally found a way to transfer the pictures from my digital camera to the computer.
Well, my brother did but whatever.
Thank God the new CPU has a memory card reader.

Anyway, went to Ritz Carlton yesterday for my niece's birthday party.


The menu.

Pretty chandelier.

Shaena trying to touch her nose with her tongue.

Bro playing with the kids.

Ladies in pink ;)

The really nice birthday cake.
Well, two cakes.

With Minona & Cha Bom.

Fish face :D

& going back home.

Next, posting up pictures from the digital camera which are so outdated.

CNY 2007

Carmen & me camwhoring.

Getting horny with Ryan Cabrera!


Let's all whack him up! LOL

Pigging out on ice-cream after dinner.

And family picture!

With Rianne.


Smelly feet :D

End of CNY pictures.

With Rachel and Heather before going for Cheryl's surprise party.

Shaun's drawing.

Chiangmai trip.

Visiting the long neck people.

The Golden Triangle.

I think that's Laos across the river :/

Bro & me.

I love this picture!

Giant statue of Buddha.

And giant statue of elephant!

The northern most point of Thailand.
We were like.. a few hundred meters away from Burma.

That's the border to Burma.

Feeding elephants.

Watching elephants taking a bath.

& people catching their poo to make photo frames.
I kid you not.

Elephant show.

I swear, those really are the paintings the elephants did.

Greedy elephants.
Keep wanting more food.

Riding on an elephant!

End of Chiangmai trip.

My balloon clapper and wristband from Good Charlotte's concert.

"Hey guys, listen to this"

She reads it out loud.

It gets funny.

And funnier.

And she goes back to reading :D

Kate-Lyn stone.

Gila person.

She's too muscular for her own good :/

Langkawi trip

Pregnant lady mountain.

And eagles!

There are actually more pictures, but I'm too lazy to resize them.
All I need now is photoshop )):