Sunday, August 17, 2008

Screw Lin Dan

You've got me hypnotized, mesmerized.

Uhm.. today's post shall be about the Olympics!
Lol, I've got nothing better to blog about.

Anywayyy, one of the events I love watching is gymnastics.
I'm so jealous of all of them.
ESPECIALLY THE WOMEN'S TEAM FROM CHINA! But they're my fave, so yeah.

That's the team.
They're so tiny, its unfair.

Okay so, I was watching the individual finals earlier.
And Cheng Fei (she's the best in the team and I absolutely love her) fell from her vault & floor exercise.
Damn pitiful I tell you. If she didn't fall, she would have gotten the damn gold.
She was so nice that she told the European girl that she HAD to get first or not it would have gone to USA.

That's her.
I want that jump :/

And and another girl, Yuyuan.
She almost got the bronze but it went to the US!

Their floor routines damn nice I tell you.

Cheng Fei's routine.

Yuyuan's routine.

I can tell I'm making you people bored out of your minds xD
But even if you didn't read anything, WATCH THE VIDEOS!
Its so good, its not funny.

More important news.
Lee Chong Wei lost to Lin Dan.
No, he did not screw up.
No, he did not play badly.
Don't you dare say that, he just lost to a BETTER player.
I mean, Lin Dan is world champion la dei.

Screw Lin Dan.
Picture courtesy of Christine Choo. (I'm too lazy to edit my own)

We're still proud of you!