Sunday, October 5, 2008

8 days ZOMG

Hello readers.
Random update to make sure blog isn't dead.
Lol, okay I lost my sanity.

Camwhored few days back.

And other useless pictures.

So yesterday and today, my tuition held a seminar for PMR students.
And it was awesome!
The teachers were really good and got loads of tips!
Oh oh, and it was at APIIT college and the class is so cool! Bahahahahah wtf is wrong with me -.-

It was actually four of us in the picture, but Michx was looking at her phone and Rachel sesat so I cropped it out.

My tummy T_T

In the class.

I iz so sorry Megan.

Megan did this when I showed her..

LOL! It doesn't move here but the actual thing stares at you and then its eyes grow bigger and bigger and bigger and.. you get the idea.
Megan thought it was gonna go "STARESTARESTARERAAAAAAWWWRRR!

I got tagged by Rianne ages ago so I'm just gonna do it for the sake of it.

3 Golden Rules.
a) State 15 weird things or habits or little known facts about yourself.
b) The 10 people I tag are to then to follow my footsteps and write their own 15 weird things or habits or little known facts.
c) No tag backs.

1. When I listen to songs, I try to relate it to my life no matter what the lyrics are.
2. When I'm in the toilet, I'm scared to close my eyes.
3. I think guys who wear formal are so smexy ;)
4. I can never stick to one thing for too long.
5. I don't like cats cos Charmaine's cat scratched me :/
6. I love to smile to myself (whether there's a reason or not) and see people get confused.
7. I thought Santa Claus was real till I was about 13. I dunno whether I still think the same thing
8. I used to think boys were just girls only weirder xD
9. I like crying, it makes me feel good eventho I cried cos of something bad.
10. I randomly go into a dance whenever I'm out.
11. I like certain types of pain
12. I always think about how it feels like to cut yourself
13. I think I almost became anorexic, ALMOST!
14. I love to scratch nail polish, whether its my own hands or someone else's (OKAY NOT WEIRD BUT I DON'T HAVE ANYTHING ELSE)
15. I still love Barney :D

And I am tagging the following persons :
Whoever wants to do this