Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy birthday baby!

Wtf I cannot believe I am blogging again when I'm supposed to be studying.
But, this is important!
Its my best friend's birthday!


Okay lah, I know this post is NEVER going to beat the post you did for me for MY birthday.
But you should know I still love you as much.

You're the person I be random with.

The person I go to for advice.

My shoulder to cry on.

My baju kurung jakun sister.

My ultimate sleepover friend.

My hyper girlfriend when I'm high.

My camwhore partner in crime.

My shopping buddy!
(Okay, I know we are in Esso and the picture focus on me but we're still shopping and you're still in it)

That crazy study session.

That crazy sleepover.

Those crazy tuition classes.

THAT crazy kiss.
(No, we did not actually kiss for those who are wondering)

The day I went crazy cos I agreed to watch Mirrors with you.

Kissy kissy for the birthday girl!