Monday, January 4, 2010

because it's my last first day of school

and i shall do the whole "omg-first-day-of-school-must-blog" cliche thing.
needless to say, the first day was an absolute waste of time. as always.
but of course it got completely ruined when we found out that we now have to stay back till 2pm from every monday to thursday for only lord knows what.
and on wednesdays, from 12.40 to 2pm, we have this koko shit to do.
idek what to say because i can't grasp how they're going to get at least 500 students to cooperate to do koko when all of us want to go back home.
honestly ==

so, we had an almost two hour long assembly and i almost fell asleep standing up.
during last period, i actually fell asleep and the bell rang and my mind went "no, it's okay. it's not time to go back"
lessons start tomorrow, le sigh.

canteen is awesome now.
but a friggin bowl of noodles cost rm3, wtfe.
and i'm the only person in my group that takes the bus back lalala. should be fun.

kthxbai! (and dftba!)


i just realised this.
how come everyone's making such a big fuss about the first day of school? :/
it's never been this big before LOL